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Pestilence and politics

One of the authorities on chafer grubs is me. Or at least I know significantly more about the subject than I did three months ago. In short, these pests are the larvae of future beetles or Maybugs who dine out on grass roots. They arrive the prior season courtesy of the outgoing beetle generation who […]

Astonishing. Important. Jaw-dropping!

  • August 7th, 2017
  • Marketing
  • blencathrafinance

Right. Yeh. Icarus is on release this week from Netflix. According to the ad in the Metro, it’s “Astonishing, important, jaw-dropping”. I’m not subscribing. Basically I’m not falling for this one again: I’m not the only one to react negatively to hyperbole. Not even my top ten films deserve the “astonishing-important-jaw-dropping” accolade. Consider the case […]

The GFC and the VC

Research for my book, “Don’t get Funded” is underway. Naturally I have started with a few conclusions pre-formed. Couldn’t help it. The book is based on 50 interviews with the eminence grise of the investment world. Of course, I know what they will say, so it’s just a question of having a thirty-minute confirmatory chat. […]

There’s a book in there…

  • July 6th, 2017
  • Planning
  • blencathrafinance

According to Lucy, my publishing minder, there’s a book in everyone. So why haven’t we all written a book? The answer, I suspect, lies in the fact that most of us are not aware of this well-known fact and also because the thought of 40,000 words is a scary, daunting one, usually firmly despatched after […]

I had a dream…

Recently 120 guests and I had the pleasure of attending a wedding abroad. Set in a shabby chic finca on a hilltop overlooking gorgeous, sun-kissed Spanish countryside: it was like a film set, only better because it was real. What followed was heart-stoppingly beautiful, romantic and uplifting. The wedding ceremony was administered by an Andalucían […]

The landlady called last night

I live in East London. On it, where it’s happening, tech town (at least that’s what us East Londoners believe). The property comes with a small, secluded garden with a micro-patch of grass which requires a mow from time to time. If it was mine, I’d install tech grass but not sure the landlady would […]

Working capital crisis averted!

  • June 15th, 2017
  • Finance
  • blencathrafinance

There was a time back in the pre-GFC days when a business faced with a working capital crisis went to see the bank. After an eyeball-to-eyeball interview, and shrewd assessment, a friendly manager usually provided the necessary and asked you to kindly pay it back whenever convenient. Those days have long gone, for better and […]