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Prepared for funding?

We change funding success rates by helping businesses prepare and deliver compelling investment cases


How ready are you?

Route to Finance

£5M to £250M. Any sector.

Blencathra has access to an awesome network of reputable, high quality finance sources from across the globe.

The sources are screened on the basis of reputation, ethical standards and an ability to get the job done.

When the business is pitch-ready, Blencathra makes the introductions.

Route to Finance.


...of investors are either
dissatisfied or very dissatisfied
with the quality of investment cases


...of investors are either happy or very happy with the quality of Blencathra supported investment propositions

Our Service

We work at the intersection of finance, strategy and route to market to create surprising changes in outcomes.


1. Snapshot

Rapid, concise, fact-based appraisal of preparedness for funding or sale using Blencathra benchmarking system. Delivers short report, highlighting strengths, weaknesses and areas for development.

2. Assessment

Thorough, in-depth review of key areas of strategy, finance and route to market propositions. Report includes fundability rating and detailed recommendations. Findings delivered via executive feedback session.

3. Develop Options

Based on Assessment findings, Blencathra works creatively and innovatively to develop a set of viable funding approach options. Includes informal soundings with the funding network to assess market appetite.

4. Build the case

Review of existing principal funding materials. Where appropriate, hands-on assistance in the design, structure and production of revised documentation. Includes communications plan.

5. Connect to Finance

Working in partnership with Blencathra’s funding network, introductions are made to a wide range of funding sources of virtually any size for most funding requirements.

6. Transaction Support

Services include: pitch preparation, coaching and rehearsal, meeting attendance, due diligence project management, data room structure and supervision, completion support.


What we do

We help businesses raise £5M to £250M by creating clear, compelling funding propositions and connecting them with smart, enlightened sources of finance.


For preparation services: fixed consulting fees. For successful introductions via Blencathra’s network: percentage of the amount raised and warrants. Where work leads to funding via other sources: fixed fee applies.

For causes we care about: pro bono.

In all other instances we charge a fee. We don’t advise you give your core work away and we don’t advocate it for ourselves.  As much as we might come to like you or your product, if you ask us to work contingently we will politely decline.

Things that matter

People: we strive to be the best and work with the best. People at the top of their game create high impact outcomes. Our task is to find talented people and connect them to work where they can surprise and delight.

Passion: we are passionate about what we do. Passion breaks down doors. 

Money: we are in the “finding money, making money” business. We do that for our clients. Their success in turn makes us money.

Making a difference

Successful funding can mean products and services that positively affect peoples’ quality of life see the light of day when otherwise they might have perished.

Our founder

Blencathra is the inspiration of Simon Clothier, entrepreneur, lender, borrower, business builder and founder of three multi-million pound revenue enterprises. Simon knows how tough it can be to raise money and grow a business. He is writing a book on his experiences, due out late 2018.

Join us

If this speaks to you, get in touch. The door is open.

For the record

Blencathra is a tricky mountain in the Lake District with two routes to the summit. One is difficult and occasionally fatal, the other much easier.

Case Studies



Service: Funding preparation

Target raise: $20M debt and equity

Overview: Disruptive cooling technology addressing global market.

Our Work: Strategy development, market positioning, market sizing, brand strategy, full finance plan, people plan, manufacturing strategy, pricing, global channel development, US partnership development, full funding preparation service, connect to finance.

Financial Services

Financial Services

Service: Funding preparation

Target raise: £250M debt

Overview: Sub-prime motor finance loan book

Our Work: Strategy development, full finance plan, people plan, full funding preparation service, connect to finance.



Service: Funding preparation

Target raise: £5M equity

Overview: Innovative robotic replication of human tasks

Our Work: Strategy development, market positioning, market sizing, pricing, route to market planning, full finance plan, corporate structuring, IP strategy, people plan, full funding preparation service, connect to finance.

Our Team

Simon Clothier

Simon Clothier

CEO and Founder

    Founder of three multi-million pound revenue businesses, Simon understands first-hand the importance of raising business finance on the right basis. As a borrower, investor and advisor he has valuable experience gained from both sides of the table. He is excited about how Blencathra can change outcomes for growth businesses.

    Jonathan Hardy

    Jonathan Hardy


      Jonathan is a senior corporate finance and strategy specialist with 22 years of transaction experience, gained during 65 disposal/acquisition processes in UK, Europe, Asia and Australasia.

      Jonathan has a proven ability to work in any sector and has a background in technology, financial services and telecommunications.

      For the last three years before joining Blencathra Finance, Jonathan founded a consulting company assisting clients with fundraising, corporate finance events and strategic reviews. Prior to this, Jonathan held senior positions at CIT Finance (a UK subsidiary of CIT Group Inc, a listed entity on the NYSE), and Cable & Wireless.

      He gained experience during his early career at UBS and KPMG. Jonathan is ACA qualified.

      Colin Peacock

      Colin Peacock

      Industry Partner

        Colin has more than 45 years’ experience within the commercial and residential property industry in the United Kingdom, Europe and North America, additionally over the last 30 years he has developed extensive experience of the serviced and managed office market within the UK.

        Formerly a Partner with Weatherall Green & Smith, President of Speyhawk New York Corporation, Managing Director of Higgs & Hill Developments Limited and Managing Director of Stonemartin plc he has served the boards of three listed companies.

        His private company Stonemartin Properties Ltd formed in 1997 is now the focus of his activity, specialising in a flexible and serviced approach to both residential and commercial property and supporting others in securing financial backing.

        Colin is a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, a member of the Court of the Worshipful Company of Chartered Surveyors, Chairman of the Property Marketing Awards.

        Rona Campbell

        Rona Campbell

        Operations Manager

          Rona provides a range of first-class support services to Blencathra’s clients and the front-line team, including data room management, presentation preparation and market research. She makes life easy and always with a smile.


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